If your Subaru model is 2011 model or older, chances are it requires Subaru synthetic oil, as many modern vehicles do. The exact type and viscosity of oil specific to your new or pre-owned Subaru should be spelled out in your owner's manual, but if you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact our service center by phone or here online. Conley Subaru is located right here in Bradenton, Florida and we are proudly serving the good folks of Tampa!

Synthetic Oil for More Efficiency!

Synthetic oil, and partially-synthetic oil, are man-made oil blends which use a petroleum base combined with different additives to boost its efficiency, lubrication ability for engines, and long-lasting resilience. Synthetic oil originated in 1929 in an effort to develop an alternative to conventional crude oil, which breaks down and deteriorates a bit faster as it has little additives. The usage of synthetic oil picked up overseas during World War II and, here in the United States, the demand for synthetics increased dramatically during the energy crisis of the 1970s. While crude oil does still have its place in the energy market today, a majority of vehicle engines, such as new Subaru models, tend to run on a partially-synthetic or fully synthetic oil blend as both provide increased viscosity and lubrication for Subaru BOXER® engines and take longer to deteriorate, thus, decreasing the need for more frequent oil changes. Synthetic oils produce fewer emissions, making them more energy efficient, and they allow the engine to function much better in colder weather.

Get Your Oil Changed Today!

While synthetic oil lasts a lot longer than conventional, routine oil changes are important to ensure that your new or pre-owned Subaru continues to run at peak efficiency. If you have not scheduled a service appointment in a while, schedule one here online and come see us here at our dealership. Conley Subaru is located at 816 Cortez Road West in Bradenton, FL. Come see us today!

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