Subaru Dashboard Warning Lights - General Overview

Occasionally, drivers will be confronted with a dashboard light/indicator. It's not always easy to tell what these lights/indicators mean. For those drivers looking for a quick reference page that goes over some of light/indicator, read on.

  • Brake System warning light- Indicates that your brake system may not be working properly. (symbol: Red exclamation point inside of a red circle and two parenthesis)
  • Charge warning light- This light may be illuminated when the charging system is not working properly. (symbol: red image of battery with positive/negative signs)
  • Check engine warning- This indicates that your vehicle has a range of possible issues. ( symbol: CHECK ENGINE yellow, capital lettering)
  • Coolant temperature low/ high indicator light- If this indicator: remains blinking red, remains illuminated red for more than two seconds, or remains blinking red and blue alternately, it indicates a range of engine coolant issues including: illumination blue indicates insufficient warming up of engine; blinking red indicates that the engine is close to overheating; illumination in red indicates overheating condition of the engine. (symbol: thermostat image with wavy lines beneath.)
  • Engine low oil level warning indicator- symbol: yellow oil can with a drop falling out the tip, and yellow wavy lines beneath.)
  • Hill holder indicator light OR hill start assist warning light/hill start assist off indictor light- (symbol: orange image of a car on an inclined angle/hill.)
  • LED headlight warning light- (if equipped, the orange symbol is a large exclamation point overlaid a headlight bulb.)

Visit the Conley Subaru Service Center for all your Dashboard Warning Light Questions

There's a lot more lights/indicators that we didn't go over! If you have questions about one we didn't go over, stop by our dealership and speak with one of our technical experts!

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